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Apple Pack Process equipments Manufacturing different type world class cosmetic manufacturing plant and mixer machines , refer below manufacturing plants range we deliver for cosmetic and FMCG products.


Apple Pack process equipments products wide range FMCG and Cosmetic Making plant and Mixers suitable for ointments / creams / lotions manufacturing plant best applicable for the pharmaceutical product production of ointments, creams, lotions, gel, tooth paste & emulsions & homogenization. Contact us for more information.



Cream/Gels/Balm & Face Pack Lotion/Liquid Shampoo
Walnut Scrub Manufacturing PlantRefreshing Moisturizer Manufacturing PlantProtein Shampoo Manufacturing Plant
Face Wash Manufacturing PlantBody Lotion Manufacturing PlantBaby Shampoo Manufacturing Plant
Foot Care Cream Manufacturing PlantCleansing Milk Manufacturing PlantRepair & Regeneration Shampoo Manufacturing Plant
Scrub , Neem Scrub Manufacturing PlantSoothing Toner Manufacturing PlantHydrating Shampoo Manufacturing Plant
Mud Mask, Mud Pack Manufacturing PlantFace Moisturizing Lotion Manufacturing PlantConditioner Manufacturing Plant
Fruit Mask, Fruit Pack Manufacturing PlantMake Up Remover Manufacturing PlantRejuvenating Shampoo Manufacturing Plant
Foaming Face Wash Manufacturing PlantAstringent Lotion Manufacturing PlantAnti Dandruff Shampoo Manufacturing Plant
Day Cream, Cold Cream, Hand Cream Manufacturing PlantRefreshing Toner Manufacturing PlantAnti Hair Fall Shampoo Manufacturing Plant
Age Miracle Cream Manufacturing PlantLiquid Soap Manufacturing PlantAlmond Shampoo Manufacturing Plant
Body Hair Removing Cream Manufacturing PlantProactive Sunscreen Lotion Manufacturing PlantAyurveda cream manufacturing Plant
Spot Remover Manufacturing PlantHand Sanitizer Manufacturing PlantHerbal shampoo manufacturing plant
Anti Wrinkle Cream Manufacturing PlantHand Wash Manufacturing PlantCosmetics Cream manufacturing & Equipment
Cold Balm , Massage Balm Manufacturing PlantSurface Cleaning Liquid Manufacturing PlantLotion mixer machine
Gels , Tooth Paste Manufacturing PlantWashing Liquid Manufacturing PlantLotion making equipment and Plant
Baby Cream , Night Cream Manufacturing PlantBody Cream , Night Cream Manufacturing PlantLotion making machine and filling line
Lip Balm, Pain Balm Manufacturing PlantBalm Mfg PlantCosmetics Cream manufacturing equipment
Ayurvedic Cream Manufacturing Plantface cream manufacturing plantVacuum Mixer machine
Herbal Creams Manufacturing Plantcosmetic manufacturing machinery turnkey Ointment mixer
Cream mixerLotion mixer Syrup &  Gel mixer
 Gel mixer Toothpaste mixer
Anti Dandruff Hair Oil Manufacturing PlantAnti Septic Cream Manufacturing PlantTalcum Powder Manufacturing Plant
Revitalizing Hair Oil Manufacturing PlantAnti Marks Manufacturing PlantMint Powder Manufacturing Plant
Anti Hair Fall Hair Oil Manufacturing PlantEtc . . .Dusting Powder Manufacturing Plant
Nourishing Baby Oil Manufacturing PlantPrickly Heat Powder Manufacturing Plant
Anti Stress Massage Oil Manufacturing PlantProtein Powder Manufacturing Plant
Pain Massage Oil Manufacturing PlantMass Gainer Manufacturing Plant
Stress Free Body Oil Manufacturing PlantDetergent Manufacturing Plant
Rejuvenating Body Oil Manufacturing PlantEtc .

Apple Pack Process Equipment Design, Engineering and Manufacturing company providing turnkey solutions & supply of equipment for different segment process industries, catering our services to Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverages, Personal Care and Cosmetic Industries.

We at Apple Pack Equipment, specialised in Storage & Process vessels, Pressure vessel, WFI & DM Water Storage Tank, IPC/ IBC & Tote BINS, Cream / Lotion / Shampoo / Moisturiser / Hand Wash / Liquid Detergent / Face pack / Petroleum Jelly manufacturing plants .


We also undertake design and manufacturing of specialized and tailor made equipment.

  • Cosmetic Cream / Ointment / Lotion Manufacturing Plant

    Our Wide range of cosmetic Plant including Ointment Manufacturing Plant, Cream Manufacturing Plant, Cosmetic Cream Shampoo Lotion Hand Wash Manufacturing Plant , Pharmaceutical ointment manufacturing plant, […]
    cosmetic cream manufacturing plant
  • Household Liquid cleaning Mixing , Mixer & manufacturing plant

      Floor cleaner mixer machine, floor cleaner making equipment , Liquid Disinfectant mixing tank has high speed dispenser . mixing and disperse viciously, solid and liquid […]
    Household cleaning products Mixing , Mixer & manufacturing plant
  • Ointment & Cream Manufacturing Plant

    Ointment & Cream Manufacturing Plant   The Ointment & Cream Manufacturing Plant consists of a set of equipment’s designed for ointment ranging from 10 kg to […]
  • Cream Manufacturing Plant – shampoo mixer equipment Germany

    Cosmetic Cream Manufacturing Plant , Mixer , Making Machine & Mixer Equipment   According to the most recent cGMP regulations, we design, produce, and supply the […]
    Cosmetic Cream Making Machine & Mixer Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Ointment and Cosmetics Cream Manufacturing Plant

    Pharmaceutical Ointment and Cosmetics Cream Manufacturing Plant We offer a variety of automatic ointment works that cater to the requirements of the pharmaceutical and Cosmetics industries. […]
  • Inline Homogenizer , Inline Emulsifying Mixer ,Inline High Shear homogenizer

    Inline Homogenizer, Inline Emulsifying Mixer, Inline High Shear homogenizer   This enables any machine to combine, emulsify, homogenize, solubilize, suspend, disperse and disintegrate solids. Inline Homogenizer […]
    Inline Emulsifying Mixer ,Inline High Shear homogenizer
  • IV Parenterals Infusion Solution Plants , LVP Process Plants

    IV Parenteral Infusion Solution Plants, LVP Process Plants – IV (Intra Venous) / Large Volume Parental (LVP) SOLUTION MIXING SYSTEM   IV (Intra Venous) / Large […]
    IV (Intra Venous) / Large Volume Parental (LVP) SOLUTION MIXING SYSTEM
  • Liquid Mixer – Liquid Mixing Vessels , Tank , Plant, Jacketed Mixing Tank

    Liquid Mixer – Liquid Mixing Vessels, Tank, Plant, Jacketed Mixing Tank with agitator, Industrial Stirrer   Process instrumentation is equipment employed in the chemical and material […]
  • Shampoo Manufacturing Plant

      Shampoo manufacturing plant is best suitable for different kind of shampoo like Clarifying shampoo , Everyday shampoo , Volumizing shampoo , Oily hair shampoo , […]
    Shampoo Manufacturing Plant
  • Petroleum Jelly Manufacturing Plant

    Vaseline manufacturing plant and Petroleum jelly Manufacturing plant and mixer machine to make diffretnt kind of Jelly / Vaseline products such like petrolatum, white petrolatum, soft […]
    Petroleum Jelly Manufacturing Plant
  • Moisturizer Manufacturing Plant

    Skin Moisturising Cream Manufacturing Plant – Production of Cosmetic Creams and Lotion   Manufacture of moisturizing cream, glycerin cream, fairness cream, moisturizing lotion, sunblock cream and body […]
    cosmetic cream manufacturing plant
  • Ointment Manufacturing Plant

    Vacuum Mixer / Plant for Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, & Personal Care products.   INTRODUCTION   Apple pack Equipment is expert in developing and manufacturing plant machineries and […]
    Ointment Manufacturing Plant
  • Hair Oil Manufacturing Plant

    Apple pack Equipment is Leading Engineering Designers, Consultants and Turnkey project manufacturers for Vacuum Mixer / Plant for Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, & Personal Care products Find the […]
    Hair Oil Manufacturing Plant
  • Lotion Manufacturing Plant

    Lotion Manufacturing Plant APPLICATIONS: Pharmaceuticals – Sterile & Non-Sterile Ointment, Cream, Gel, Lotion, Medicated toothpaste Cosmetic – Lotions, Cream, Shaving Creams, sun Cream gels, Hair Dyes […]
    Lotion Manufacturing Plant
  • Tooth Paste Manufacturing Plant

    Apple Pack is Global Leader for process equipments plant and machines including Tooth Paste Manufacturing Plant , Toothpaste manufacturing equipment , Toothpaste Making Machine , also […]
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